Saturday, 26 November 2016

My Perfume Collection #2

Hi again; once more it's a small snippet of my Perfume Collection. If I'm honest I have a such wide array of them the only way that I could talk about any of them was to split them into groups. The last post covered all of the perfumes that I own from Britney Spears and so following on from that this post is going to detail all of the perfumes that I own from Vera Wang. I have five perfumes from her princess range all different sizes, colours and editions. I love perfume, I feel that it can make you feel more confident about yourself with just a little spritz. It makes me feel ready to face the day ahead whenever I need a quick pick me up.


I have two 100ml bottles from Vera Wang, the first I'm going to detail is the second perfume that I ever bought from the range, Flower Princess. I paid roughly £30 for the 100ml bottle, which seems like a reasonable price for the size of the perfume. From what I know it was a limited edition fragrance for the summer of 2008 and this one is my favourite scent of the bunch; I love the floral, feminine smell and how it makes any outfit feel suddenly more fancy. The bottle itself is very pretty, with the pale pink heart shape combined with a little silver bejewelled tiara cap. I really adore how the whole range has such a distinctive bottle design, they look so nice as a set. Flower Princess smells of tangerine, lotus and rose mixed in with peach, amber, woods and musk. It's a surprisingly light fragrance considering the range of smells comprising the scent.

The third perfume that I bought from the range is definitely one that even my teenage, slightly rebellious self would've loved when I was going through the emo kid phase. I bought the 100ml bottle for £20, which seemed very inexpensive for the size. Rock Princess is a fragrance that most alternative people would adore. For me, it brings back memories of things that I did when I was younger, even if I didn't wear any perfumes of any kind at that time. If I had of done, this certainly would've been the one I would have worn. The black bottle with slightly unconventional graffiti style white patterning definitely catches the eye and it stands out against the rest of the set. It smells of peach, raspberry and musk with undertones of jasmine, rose, lily and spicy accents of woods and coconut. It's quite an unusual mix of smells, but together is actually rather lovely.


I also own a 50ml bottle as well, which is the Glam Princess version. This was the first Vera Wang perfume that I purchased, it was a bit of an impulse decision as I had heard of the brand but didn't really associate it with perfumes. If I remember correctly I paid around £30 which isn't much but quite expensive for the size. However I really like the design of the bottle, especially how the spritzer is capped by a cute little tiara; it makes for such a lovely added detail. The pink and gold tones of the bottle definitely confine to the ideal of 'glam' and this scent has the nicest bottle design overall, in my opinion. I bought it online and so I didn't even smell the scent before buying it, which was a bit risky in hindsight. I did read a description and some reviews of the scent, so for the price decided to just take the plunge and purchase. Once it arrived I really loved the smell which was not only a relief but a pleasant surprise. The scent itself is kind of cutesy, with notes of pear, honey and orchid combined with cedar, marshmallow and orange tree blossom.


Finally, I also own two 30ml bottles of her perfumes from the same Princess collection. I bought Preppy Princess at the same time as Rock Princess and it's a complete contrast to that scent; not only in looks but also in the smell. I paid around £20 for the scent, which I felt wasn't too expensive but you can now get the 100ml for the same price, which is good but annoying for me, haha. Preppy Princess is very cute and girly with a pink bottle and messy tartan stripes; although perhaps the smaller bottle size contributes to the feeling of sweetness, alongside the very musky and sweet scent. This bottle looks really nice when placed with others in the set. The smell is rather feminine and fruity with notes of red apple, red berries and jasmine. There's also hints of honeysuckle, wood and coconut. It's probably the lightest to wear out of all of the Vera Wang scents I have.

The last perfume that I bought from the collection is Hippie Princess, one that I had been considering for a while. As you can probably tell, Vera Wang has become one of my favourite producers of perfume, not just because of the bottle shape and design, but because of the scents being so wearable for so many occasions. I would say that one of the negative aspects of the range is that so many of them are limited editions and so become difficult to find after a short amount of time. The smaller bottle are much more affordable and actually the heart shape is much nicer to hold than the larger ones. I paid £29 for the bottle and a free gift of a watch, so a good price I think. Hippie Princess is a nice tone of pink and aqua, with a central heart surrounded by a paisley print, alongside the signature tiara closure. The scent itself is rather fruity and floral with some exotic undertones of mango, apricot and lotus flower alongside musk, vanilla and nectar. 

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