Tuesday, 22 November 2016

My Perfume Collection #1

I've always been fascinated by perfumes, ever since I was young. Which is surprising considering none of my family members actually wear any perfume. Since I got my first job at 18, I've been slowly collecting perfumes. I've found that I'm not particularly partial to any specific scent, but I am rather fussy. I do love a beautifully designed bottle (most likely due to the artist in me) and I do buy perfumes with the intention of displaying them in my bedroom. At the moment my collection sits comfortably on a chest of drawers and each perfume bottle has a distinctive design, smell or memory attached to it.

One of the first perfumes that I purchased was Fantasy by Britney Spears; in all honesty the original reason for purchasing this perfume was its price. The fantasy range is so affordable for anyone and I do really like the simple, but effective design of the bottles. The original Fantasy costs roughly £20 for the 100ml, which I have. For the price, you really do get value for your money as 100ml goes a long way. The fragrance smells of lychee and kiwi fruits, which I adore. It's a very cute scent, one that works for everyday and also for more important occasions. I would say it's a very feminine scent, once that I do enjoy wearing. I often wear it to work as a bit of a pick me up when I'm having a downbeat day.


Since then, I also purchased Midnight Fantasy; I love the darker tones of the deep blue bottle. Again at £20 for 100ml, the value for money is amazing as the bottle is actually pretty large. Physically Midnight Fantasy looks lovely next to the original Fantasy as it has the same size and shape but a different colour tone of blues and purples so looks great as a part of a set. I actually prefer the scent, it's far more potent with a strong smell of a floral bouquet. I can smell freesias, musk, orchid and vanilla amongst some other more tones such as raspberry and plum. I always feel quite confident when I wear this perfume, although I actually wear it less than Fantasy as I prefer to wear it to more special events then for everyday.

Through having two perfumes by Britney I definitely discovered more about the kind of scents that I like; I'm a big fan of floral, feminine scents that feel quite light on the skin. After having a good experience with the first two scents, I then went on to purchase Circus Fantasy, too. Once again with the same bottle design, the main difference is the pale blue bottle with red accents. I bought another 100ml bottle, which can be bought for about £18 so is a fantastic price for anyone on a budget, which I definitely am. The bottle itself I don't like as much aesthetically as I do Midnight Fantasy, but the scent is a similarly fruity and floral burst. This is the scent that I usually wear the most as it reminds me of long summer days with the notes of raspberries, apricots, peonies and magnolia. I like to wear it the most in summer and the start of autumn as it is really long lasting.


The final scent that I own (for now) from Britney is also my absolute favourite; Island Fantasy literally smells divine to me. It's one of my favourite ever perfumes and definitely the perfume that I wear the most. I feel like it suits any season and any occasion. Ultimately the idea was to represent being on a tropical island, but for me there's something incredibly sensual and powerful from wearing a scent of tangerines, lime, watermelon, jasmine, violets, musk and red berries. In words it doesn't sound amazing but in person it's absolutely incredible. Bizarrely, green is also my favourite colour and the matching bottle design was tweaked through colour once more, this time to green and lime/grass green and aqua accents. I like how the four perfumes look visually together displayed on my chest of drawers. Even though they're different colours they compliment each other well and I will definitely be buying more Britney perfumes from the Fantasy range. I actually own many other perfumes as well, which I'm planning some other posts on at the moment, so if you're a perfume fan keep your eyes out! :)

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