Sunday, 6 November 2016

Favourite Blogs! - November


I followed Rachel on Instagram not too long ago; the first blogpost that I read was 'A-Z of Mental Health', which really resonated with me on a personal level. As a result of that blogpost, I began trawling through her older posts and really, really enjoyed her blog. She feels so real and relatable, with a honest outlook on life. Her posts are mostly lifestyle, and I love how down to earth she comes across. When I read her posts, it's as though I'm listening to a friend and that's why she's become one of my favourite blogs.


I love Kayliegh-Anne's blog for a number of reasons; she's an avid foodie, beauty lover, regularly updates on her personal life, her health, university studies and her hopes and dreams. Although I'm not a vegan, her cooking recipes are not only easy to follow but also taste good and are cheap to produce. Plus they're healthy, which is a bonus for someone like me, so tends to eat fatty foods. I like how she spoke about her insecurities in a post, that made me feel like I'm not alone, even if it was text on an iPad to me. Her quotes of the week are always really uplifting too.


I found Amy on Instagram, I have no recollection of how, but I've been reading her blog ever since. I admire her creativity and enjoy seeing her range of interests. I'm loving her autumn fashion stylings at the moment, as well as her lifestyle posts that contain simple but effective advice. She's quite a new blogger, but very polished and her posts are always interesting; you can tell that she's passionate about her writing and she takes some really lovely photos to help demonstrate this.


Emily is another new blogger, but one that I see really growing an audience really quickly. She writes most about food, fashion and lifestyle. Her blogposts are informative and interesting, and I definitely related to her skincare related series of posts as she has a similarly rosy skintone to me so the products she mentioned turned out to be really useful. Probably my favourite post of hers was a blogging tips post, suggesting ways to take blogger friendly photographs whilst on a budget. So useful and so revelant for many people.

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