Monday, 24 October 2016

What's on my iPhone?


I have an iPhone 6S 64gb in rose gold which I chose because I've had an iPhone since the iPhone 4; I love the simplicity of the system, how it looks and works and I'm just used to it. Plus, I've grown up in a mac household; literally everyone in my house has an iPhone, iPod, iPad or MacBook, so it made sense to keep with the same system as they all sync together nicely. I like to keep my phone fairly organised, in its own way.


My lock screen is a picture of my boyfriend, one that he hates and I love, typically haha. On the home screen, the background at the moment is an image found from a simple Google image search, of a purple galaxy and I like it because it makes me feel like I'm looking into an alternative world. At the bottom of the screen, on the dock I keep phone, mail, safari and music. Essentially the four most useful and typically iPhone or iPod related apps that I probably reach for more or less on a daily basis. On the home screen (first page) I keep all of the basic and apple related apps, such as messages, calandar, photos, notes, clock, contacts, calculator, camera and settings (as well as some other boring ones). I keep these here because they tend to be the default apps that come with an iPhone and also because they're apps that go together well, they're my more 'FUNCTIONAL' rather than fun or interesting apps.


There are some alternatives to the standard Apple apps that I keep on this page that are also functional which I just generally prefer using. I use Met Office for weather as its very reliable and easy to use, especially if you're going on a journey as it lets you view weather across a map of the uk as well as by location. I also use Google Maps as opposed to Apple maps as I've always used google maps to find a place, on any device and I just find it's really simple to use. Being a Londoner, I also use Tube Map as I find whenever I have a paper tube map I just lose it or it gets super crumpled in my bag. It's always handy to have a spare copy of the tube and train maps of London, plus the app also lets you track train or tube times from specific stations.


On my second home page, I have a variety of apps, some which I've split into categories, such as Utilities, News, Shopping, Photography, Games, Prints, Extras and Food. The apps that aren't sorted into a catagory are those that I tend to use more than the others so I want to find quickly and with ease. The apps that I know I use the most are Facebook, Instagram, snapchat, messenger, whatsapp and bus times. The most useful of all of these is Bus Times as I use it to track when the bus is coming to any stop across London so I can plan journeys. I use messenger and whatsapp to keep in touch with friends and use Instagram, Facebook and snapchat as my main sources of social media. 

The other apps that I use fairly regularly are retrica, Fotor, my EE, eBay, just eat, hungryhouse, period tracker, Shazam, PayPal and collectplus. I don't use the games apps very often, eyre kept there for whenever I'm around children that might get bored or want something to do, like my godson. I use a few photography apps such as Fotor for editing and making collages of photos for Instagram and this blog. FreePrints is a great app which allows you to print photos from your phone for free other than paying the postage costs and Printic creates lovely Polaroid styles photographs from your camera roll at a low price too.

I'm glad that I went for the phone with the larger storage, as I have so many apps that I use, even if not regularly. Apps do take up a surprising amount of space, although in my case photos definitely take up the most space as I have over 5,500 photographs stored on my phone, some of which I've has since 2013, from my first ever iPhone. I can't see myself changing phones for a while, I'm happy with my current phone and I like the size and shape of it, plus I have plenty of storage space left so I think I'll be using this phone for at least another year. :)

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