Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Monthly Reflections #3


It feels as though Christmas is getting ever closer at the moment, which therefore means that the new year is coming not long after. In all honesty, I'm not the most social of people, but during this time of year, I do actually enjoy going out more and spending time with family and friends. That said, I hate the cold but somehow, it's bearable because everyone seems to be fairly upbeat and friendly. With this in mind, I feel as though it's time to think about my personal goals. I'm not one for ever sticking to New Years resolutions, therefore I want have goals that I can work on overall, regardless of the time of year so to improve my life.

One of the most important goals I have is to look after my health as I haven't been in the best state for a while. I want to improve my health physically and mentally. I tried going running and actually that did help to clear my head as well as getting my fitter physically and I'm thinking that doing some  exercise will help me, alongside actually making an effort to concentrate on the good things in my life and not constantly focus on the negative things. I want to focus on pushing forward and keeping forward, my intention is to get better and not go back down again.

As a result of focusing on my health, I also want to focus more on my relationship, my boyfriend is literally one of the most patient and supportive people I've ever met and I need to appreciate him far more than I do. I need to spend more time building friendships new and old, even if it's just sending a text or meeting up for a quick coffee. I have a terrible habit of not looking after my health and therefore neglecting other aspects of my life, such as friendships and relationships in general. 

During the past few months I've really been enjoying blogging more regularly; it's been a therapeutic experience for me. I've been pushing through my low moods to keep going and actually make an effort to continue doing something. It's an enjoyable hobby for me, and I'm really loving it at the moment.  In the future, I would really love to meet other bloggers and generally push myself to be more sociable as I do have a tendency to shut myself away. I feel as though I've been pretty consistent with my blog these few months and I'm planning to continue posting regularly. 

On a final note, I want to have a holiday as soon as possible, or at least some time off from work. I feel as though I'm literally frying my brain; I'm currently working a ridiculous amount of hours a week, as well as getting few hours sleep a night. Insomnia has always been a problem for me, since my later teenage years, but recently it's begun to spiral out of control and has started to affect my health. With this in mind, I just feel as though I need to relax, recharge my batteries and find myself again.

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