Sunday, 2 October 2016

Hello, October


Finally, it's staring to feel like real autumn; there's a chill in the air and it's getting darker earlier in the evening, I love it. I've always loved autumn, I love how the seasons change and the colours that the leaves and trees turn as they begin to disintegrate. Photography wise, I adore taking photos in the autumn months, especially sunset landscapes. This month I want to try and live more, go out exploring and enjoy seeing and experiencing new things. I've been living stuck in a rut for about five years, so I feel like it's time to branch out and live. I intend to really push myself to go out and actually enjoy myself.

Blogging has actually been like a kind of therapy for me and I'm grateful that I pushed myself to get into a routine of it; it's encouraging me to out, to have something to write about and enjoy. After studying creative subjects for so many years it's also a good way to pushing through with my creative side. Growing up in London I've always taken interesting things for granted, for example there are so many museums and breathtaking city views visible from where I live and yet I've never really taken the time to go out and actually experience things that tourist travels across the globe to do. My boyfriend isn't from London so it's such a good excuse to go out and explore like a tourist in my own country! 

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