Thursday, 6 October 2016

Favourite Instagrammers - October

Yet another month has come and gone and my Instagram addiction is still going strong :) below are some of the lovely accounts that I've been loving recently and I've been njoyed following for various reasons, for example some of them love to travel, or love fashion and I like seeing what other people enjoy or what others are passionate about. All the images were taken using a simple Google search using the usernames detailed blow.


I adore Vicki's Instagram, it's so stunning photography it's amazing. She's currently pregnant and it's lovely watching her documenting her journey and what she's buying for the baby. She takes the nicest close ups of her homewares and decorations alongside her general lifestyle. Even the most basic photograph of a cake or a clock looks so fresh and interesting and I really do admire her 'country' style kitchen with its soft teal toned interior.


Rachel's Instagram is definitely one to enjoy; I love the vintagey style of all of her photographs which also reflects her own personal style. A mix of landscape, interior and self portraits, her insta page almost transports you back to the 1950s. I love how dedicated she is to herself and her 'look'; her outfit posts are absolutely lovely as her clothes look so so beautiful. I have major wardrobe and figure envy, she defines the idea of the pinup era.


Sophie manages to make a lazy day in bed or a visit to a coffee shop look interesting, somehow. Her page has a definitive style, of mostly crisp whites and high contrast, which I admire as I can never stick to a theme. She documents even the little things, like have a breakfast in bed or editing on her laptop. I love her soft and comfy interior style, with knitwear and cushions everywhere. She's proof that even the ordinary is extraordinary photography wise.


This girl really loves to travel the world, as a result of that her posts are pretty addictive. She finds beauty in the smallest of details, such as tiled flooring, bricks or plants. I like how she takes photographs from interesting and unusual angles and has a clear taste for adventure. She's also very pro positive thinking and thoughts and posts positive life quotes fairly regularly across her feed, which if you do struggle with mental health does give you a push to keep on the right track to happiness.


Ffion's feed has a slightly hipster aesthetic about it; full of landscapes, sunsets and close ups of outfits. It's a bit of a random collection of photographs but I like that about it, there's no rigid theme and her selfies show how physically beautiful she is. Her cheekbones are very pleasing :) she often posts photos of of rabbits, cameras and her room which has photographs all over it, showing how much photography is a part of her life.

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