Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Favourite Blogs! - October

Hello again, every month I feel as though I've discovered more blogs to enjoy reading as well as inspire me both creatively and in my life. All of the blogs below are new finds that I've been absolutely loving at the moment. All images belong to the blogs mentioned below, found through a basic google image search. The blog titles will link you directly to their blog pages.



I'm not someone who watches films often and to be honest I've bothered to review any, either. However, I really enjoy ready Sophie's blog because she has so many different interests surrounding her main interest of films. She writes about beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and the various events that she attends. I found her blog was quite fresh and new because she seems to be genuinely interested in the content she makes, particularly the posts about the latest films being released at the moment. Her outfits are fun because they're usually seasonal and themed to a holiday, like Christmas or hallowe'en which is also nice to read and see.

Katy's blog is a very new find and I admit, I spent a few hours catching up on lots of her older blog posts. Although she's a British blogger, she details how she grew up in Spain and so she feels like her culture is a bit bizarre. I really like her posts, she's incredibly down to earth and honest, especially on personal topics. The main reason that I love her blog, however, is her very optimistic way of starting the week off with '10 Happy Things', all about positivity and keeping your head up. Fantastic for people like me, and alongside, her fashions are very sophisticated cool.


I feel like I've found so many new blogs this month; I fell in love with Jordan's princess-y, pink and overall lovely aesthetic. I like how she treats every single day as though it's right time to dress up and look beautiful, just like living in a fairytale. Her posts are beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel related. Overall she seems very relaxed and positive about all aspects of her life and I like how she's upfront and honest about her dreams and aspirations, as well as providing updates about how they're going. When you read her posts, it's almost like hearing from a friend, as opposed to a stranger, which is something I liked very much.


I've been following Rosie on Instagram for a while but have only recently started reading her blog as well; at the moment her posts are very family orientated, as her and her husband have recently had their first child, a little girl. Her previous posts are a mixture of lifestyle, weddings&relationships, the English countryside and beauty looks. She also regularly updates readers on what's made her happy this week or month, and provides advice on starting blogs and other social medias as well.

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