Sunday, 9 October 2016

Changing seasons



As a child I absolutely loved the change in seasons and that has definitely followed me through to my adult life; my favourite seasons is probably autumn but I do enjoy every season for different reasons. However, I do struggle with the physical changes that happen as the seasons change. For example, gaining and losing weight, getting spotty skin and feeling constantly tired. I have arthritis, a condition which affects my joints. As a result, I've always struggled more with pain and stiffness in the autumn and winter months, I feel like the cold really affects me and joints. I've always had a problem with cold, in the sense that I always feel cold, even in summer months I wear a jumper without feeling hot, so imagine how many layers I have to wear in the winter months to keep warm.

Living in London, I feel like the city really comes alive during the winter months and I love how the lights glitter in the darkness, especially in central London. This year, I'm going to do my best and really enjoy every minute. I want to do at least one enjoyable thing a week using whatever time I have available. I need to learn to make more time for myself and spend more time with friends. I want to explore the city more and embrace the changing seasons. I studied an arts degree so I want to use my creative side more on this blog, take better photographs and organise them better. I'm my own worst critic, I want everything to constantly explain changed and improved. I feel like my photos don't look professional enough, that I don't spend more time taking perfectly planned photographs but I'm learning and I hope that my photography is improving, slowly, but surely.

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