Monday, 31 October 2016

A month in Instagram - October




I've spent a lot of time during October going on walks and exploring the local area; going to places such as Greenwich Park, the Royal Observatory and the Queens House. I've experimented a lot with photography, particularly with landscape photography to crate little snippets of life during the autumn months. I've spent a lot of time with my boyfriend, showing him things and getting to know more about him and his likes and dislikes. I've realised through this post that I've become a little in awe of beautiful sunsets this month.

Overall October has been a good month for me, in comparison with most of this year. A lot of problems have been resolved and I feel like my life is moving in a more positive direction. I've enjoyed spending time with my boyfriend, getting to know him more and relaxing in general. I love autumn but I hate winter, and I can feel the change in the weather already... ugh. It's gone from being incredibly mild to suddenly pretty cold, extremely quickly. I bought a new coat, a faux fur lined parka, so fingers crossed I'll be fine throughout the winter months. My boyfriends mama sent us some thick gloves as well, so I'm all set. October was a good month, November should be good too.

I'm sorry that this post is more photographs than words, but I think that sometimes it's nice just to visually present things and not overfill with information. I like how they've turned into nice little ordered sets of photographs. On that note, lets see how November fares from tomorrow :)

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