Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Favourite Instagrammers - September

Hello again! As you will definitely know by now, I am what many would call a complete Instagram addict, to the point where I scroll through the home page many times per day, just to ensure that I've seen literally everything that I can in from that day. I follow people that I know and that I don't, from all areas across the world. Every month I follow a few more people that catch my eye and I take a liking to. I've always liked seeing how other people live and their passions and instagram is a fantastic way to explore others visually. All of the images below are from a simple Instagram google image search, the usernames are detailed below the images.



I really love Katy's photographic style and her Instagram is full of lovely autumnal coloured views of flowers, horses and herself. Her vibrant red hair makes her stand out, especially against the soft greens of the landscape. She definitely has a passion for florals, animals and fashion as well as anything in between. Plus, her wedding photos look so nice, complete with a dog and a beautiful river landscape. She's one of the people I followed recently but I really like seeing her posts.



Her love for travelling is what made me follow her, her effortless style and love for the beauty found in new places and the little things. I liked how when she's exploring she documents even the smallest of details, whether that is tiled or mosaic flooring, or simply landscape views of cliffs and the sea they're always nicely framed and make me want to travel more often. She also posts photos of food and drink, even basics like coffee somehow look super interesting and that's why I like her posts so much, the small moments are just as important as huge moments.



A lovely lady living in Vancouver, her posts are always very foresty and rather whimsical, whether intentionally or not. Soft autumnal lighting and deep hazy sunshine makes her posts photographically so pleasing to see. This month I've really been loving her posts because she's definitely in tune with the Sedona, going pumpkin picking and documenting leafy woodland walks. Her love of nature really shines through in all of posts, even her outfit posts are taken outside and embracing the changing seasons wearing boots, jeans and comfy cardigans; Veronika is more than worth a follow.



I love how Georgia documents all parts of her life, from new house keys, moving cities for university, her pets and her travels. Her posts are often pretty minimalist, with close ups of coffee cups, travel cards and books. That said, I like that she captures things from an unusual perspective; it's nice to see how other people see things. Her views of exterior architecture are both interesting and photographically beautiful, regardless of their unconventional framing techniques. Her captions to the images are always both sensitive and direct to the point, which sometimes are more interesting than the images themselves and the reason why I followed her this month.



I recently followed Lizzy, and I don't regret it at all, I liked how she showcases both herself and her taste in fashion using the city as a canvas. However what I really liked is that the captions to her images, she talks about life, for example what books she's reading, her life and her travels, not only fashion. Her personal style is fairly androgynous but somehow classics and co-ordinates well with her 'Instagram theme'. Usually I'm not a fan of accounts with all images of the self but she's definitely made an exception to the rule.

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