Saturday, 13 August 2016

Favourite blogs! - August

Hi everyone, after enjoying writing a similar post to this back in June, I decided I would do an updated version. All of these (soon to be listed below) blogs are blogs that I've recently discovered but have literally been binge reading many of their posts to catch up, haha. Please note that all of the images have been taken from a simple google image search of their usernames so I'm not saying that they're my own, they're all owned by the blog owners listed below.

I actually started watching Katie on YouTube a while ago, but I haven't been reading her blog for very long. I like the way her blog is primarily beauty based, but also personal at the same time, for example she uploads product reviews alongside life updates, where she details where she is in her life and how she feels about everything in it. As she's a similar skin and hair tone to me, I like reading her products reviews as many of the products would work well on my complexion as well.

 Another new find, her blog is both personal and professional; she posts a lot about travelling, where she's been and where next she'd like to discover. Her travel posts are very organised and detailed, there are often two or three posts for each place she visits, almost with their own categories. Aside from her regular travel posts, she also posts about food and music that she loves and some more serious topics such as mental health.

I've actually read Ellie's blog for some time, since before she revamped it and made it look all pretty! Definitely more of an all round blogger, as she frequently posts about a mixture of topics including fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I enjoy her beauty posts the most, as she's very detailed and always shows the make-up she's bought on her face rather than simply her hand, which I find helpful.

Megan has a very well established blog and YouTube channel, and I originally began reading her blog after watching several of her YouTube videos. She writes mostly to do with fashion and beauty, as well as her travels and journeys with a bit of lifestyle mixed in. My preferred posts are her lifestyle chats, where she comes across as really down to earth and you feel like you're getting to know her.



I've been reading Paige's blog for absolutely ages, after following her on Instagram. From her posts you can definitely see her passion for fashion, and recently her blog has been completely revamped and looks so so good. She also posts craft and DIYs, for example how to make copper accessories for a bedroom and jewellery like Pom Pom earrings. I like her posts are varied but always great quality.

That's all the blog recommendations for this month, I'm thinking about making this a monthly feature... What do you think? See you soon, Rachel x 

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