Wednesday, 31 August 2016

A month in Instagram - August


I'm not usually a massive fan of summer due my lack of ability to handle the heat (my pale skin literally feels like it's burning up even though I never tan or burn...) as I don't sweat much I just seem to feel excessively hot instead. But I've actually enjoyed this summer more than I expected to. I've spent a lot of time with friends and really concentrated on enjoying myself more than I usually would. The first half of the month I got some postcards from Poland from my boyfriend, took my dog for many walks along the river and took my mama to Birdland for her birthday. I also indulged in a Starbucks and some ice-cream to cool down in the hot weather.

During the second half of the month I spent time with my boyfriend for his birthday and went on even more walks with the dog. (Might as well enjoy the nice sunset views whilst the weather is decent at that time). I attended a jewellery workshop and found more pleasant places to walk along; I've realised that where I live is a very instagrammable place... As well as that my insta-addiction is unlikely to wane any time soon, I think it's a great way to explore someone's life visually, as for me it's like a diary of where I've been or who I'm with at one time. I'm looking forward to September as Autumn is my favourite season and spending more time enjoying life with friends.


Farmopolis @ Greenwich Peninsula


One lazy Sunday afternoon my mother decided it was appropriate to force me out of the house for something other than work. Considering I'd finished work at around 3.30am that same morning and had about 3 hours sleep, it took a lot of persuasion to encourage me to want to get out of bed and do something. Farmopolis is a new site, based on the old jetty along the riverside of the Greenwich Millenium Village in the Peninsula area. It's a new 'recycling' based concept and fairly unique in many ways. Essentially an urban farm and organic restaurant, at the moment it is incredibly aesthically pleasing with hundreds of scattered plants and flowers surrounding the buildings having been transported from the Chelsea Flower Show.

The reason for going was because my mother has actually booked us in for a jewellery making course, although not the regular kind... Instead of using traditional jewellery making materials, such as stones or beads we were using dried flowers. We each made a ring using a glue gun, a 2 pence piece and real flowers, (a mixture of dried and fresh) and were given the freedom to design the ring however we wanted. I loved the brightly coloured flowers and even the thistles, but somehow I ended up with a foresty green set of florals, a more natural choice of colours. Completely different to what I expecte, but I actually really enjoyed taking part in the workshop and would like to try this technique again as the rings are all so unique but so beautiful. The downside is that they don't last forever, unfortunately.

The ladies running the workshop were from Electric Daisy Flower Farm and often make flower based creations and decorations for weddings and I have to say that my favourite pieces are the floral hair crowns which would look lovely at a summer wedding or festival. The jetty was a nice venue to hold a jewellery making workshop as the balcony flowers from the Chelsea Flower Show were places all along the riverside and made for some lovely photos against the floral rings. Plus as you will all know by now how much I love walking along the riverside it was so relaxing to just sit and take in the view and be inspired by nature. Not a bad afternoon considering how little I wanted to leave my bed, let alone my house! It's a shame that summer is almost over, really. Until next time :)

Sunday, 28 August 2016

The pressures of Education


I guess this post is following on from my last post, in a way, except more focussed on university than my overall education. From a young age it was drummed into my head that it was so important to attend university. When I was completing my GCSEs, it felt like all anyone ever talked about was how important exams were, how you had to do well, how they would affect your whole life... The list could literally go on forever. The pressure is immense and it seemed like no one wanted to discuss options outside of further study and so I chose to do A-Levels. During A-Level it was a similar mountain of pressure; however this time it was all towards pushing everyone towards the path to university. At my school it was almost a taboo to not attend university. On results day there were teachers everywhere begging those unlucky enough to have got shit grades to somehow manage to still attend university by pushing them through the clearing process.

I applied to university for a number of reasons; 

1. Fear of the Unknown (e.g the real world)
2. Studying was all I knew at that point
3. Pressure from friends, family, school
4. Future career prospects

I was so sucked into the school system I felt that it was something I wanted to continue studying and I thought that university was the way to go. As you grow older the dreaded question becomes 'what do you want to do when you're older?' Actually for me, this was a fairly simple solution. I wanted to teach art and so university seemed like the obvious choice to do so. In fact I was so sure that I would teach that I had already mapped out how I assume my life would be. Basically the plan was, do an art foundation year, complete an art degree and then complete a PGCE and then be a teacher. In reality, life is never easy and rarely goes in the direction that we expect.

I really struggled with mental health during my time at university and got little help other than 'just deal with it' from the majority of people, which really wasn't the most helpful form of input given to me. As a result of this, my grades did suffer and during my interviews for PGCE I panicked and probably came across as a massive trainwreck (which I probably was, looking back). However now, I'm actually relieved that my life didn't go plan; I learnt that the cliché 'everything happens for a reason' is a definite truth. I've realised that I don't have a passion to teach and I also doubt that I have the confidence or the mental strength to do so. However I do still want to engage with learning and I'd love to work in a museum or gallery.

I would say that the massive flaw within our schooling system in the UK at the moment is that many schools are desperate to hit their targets in terms of results and number of pupils being accepted into university that many students are missing out on information on other options. If I could go back and change my plans, I definitely would have looked into options outside of university, or at least taken some time out to fully decide what I wanted to study and learn more about myself before jumping in at the deep end. The immense pressure to succeed and consistently deliver is definitely something which many students at any learning level struggle with. Although I was always average, the pressure still existed; ultimately I've learnt as I've got older, average is me and that's ok. I just wish that the schooling system had encouraged me to accept that years ago.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Education; a blessing and a curse.


I would say that I received a reasonably good education, even if I went to one of the worst secondary schools in my local area. Let's be completely honest, most inner London schools at any level are not exactly seen as fantastic; many people would argue that unless you pay a significant amount of money you don't get a good education. From the age of 5-8 I went to a Church of England Primary School and hated the majority of my time there, mostly because I was bullied for most of the years spent there. Aged 8-11 I went to a school in the neighbouring borough and statistically it was the best school in the surrounding area. I was probably my happiest at school during this time, for no particular reason. I excelled and genuinely enjoyed learning at this point, possibly because I felt settled and had a good group of friends.

At 11 years old, I went back in the Church of England School system and although the school went from being statistically excellent to inadequate I did enjoy my time there. During this time I definitely found myself and my interest in art... In fact I never really did anything but art whilst I was there but it was actually comforting to be encouraged to do well at something I loved. The school itself was very regimented, even to the point the amount of stripes on your tie were counted as you entered the school gates and naturally I rebelled.

Unfortunately I'm one of those people who doesn't enjoy being told what to do, what to dress or how to behave and obviously at a strict school that doesn't go down well and I struggled to fit in with the expectations given to me through the 5 years I spent in secondary education. It was during my secondary years that I realised that I have more mental health problems than the average person but somehow I managed to pass all subjects, with my highest grade being A and lowest being a D. I had the potential to do better but lacked the necessary self control to do better. Basically, I focussed on subjects that I wanted to do well in and had planned to later study at A-level.

Moving on to sixth form, I would say these years were the worst two years of my life. I enjoyed my studies, actually. I studied English Literature, Art and Photography but ultimately I really struggled to fit in, having not attended the school before, everyone already had friends and no interest in including me in anything. Sounds strange but it ruined my confidence and definitely had a negative affect on my mental health and in all honesty I was just desperate for those two years to be over to move on and go to university. Since the age of around 14 I had been interested in perusing a career in teaching and so going to university was the obvious next step, and I somehow managed to pass my A-Levels with reasonably good grades and gain a place at university.

In all honesty I wasn't exactly overjoyed with the university I went to; it wasn't a university I applied to thinking 'I would love to go here', but out of 5 choices I was accepted into 2 and so I made the decision to choose whichever I preferred of the two. Looking back I actually regret not taking a gap year and re-applying to university, but at the time I was thinking, well next year the fees are increasing and I was determined to graduate with the least amount of debt that I could, to the point that I refused to consider to apply to universities outside of London, or even move out of my family home during university. As I chose to study Art, I had to first complete a foundation year and this was a year that I really enjoyed. I love being about to learn about all kinds of art and exploring what form of art suited me and what I wanted to persue. I passed my foundation with a B and I was actually so happy when I saw I got 100% in a photography module. During this year my mental health was at its most controlled and a that definitely shows through my results and how much I learned during that year.

After that I decided to study BA (Hons) Fine Art and I chose not to change universities because of financial reasons and having such a amazing time during the foundation year that I was genuinely excited for what laid ahead. During my first year at university, I really enjoyed the work and found that drawing and photography were my main interests. It was more difficult than most people would assume, as everyone that I knew outside of art college always had an assumption that art is easy, when actually I always had a literal mountain of work to complete, alongside essays. I passed the year with good grades and was looking forward to starting second year, having enjoyed the first.

Second year was where it all went a bit downhill; I struggled with my mental health again after the realisation that this course wasn't really what I had hoped. After discovering my love for drawing in first year, I then found out that drawing was not an option in second year and I chose to dabble in sculpture... However the kinds of sculptures that I created were not exactly typical sculptures and i had to argue my way a lot, which was a nightmare. I also began having panic attacks and struggled to speak out loud or voice my opinions. I debated dropping out many times, but I suppose what kept me going was not only the fear of 'failure', but also a hope that if I made it to the final year, that it was be better towards the end.

In all honesty, third year was strangely bittersweet. On the one hand, I realised that I absolutely detested the practical work. On the other hand, I realised that my dissertation was the most interesting part of the university experience for me and I'm still proud that I managed not to drop out and finish the whole four years, somehow. Throughout my education I was never top at anything, always slightly more remarkable than average but I never really achieved anything of importance. Now that I've finished education (unless my crazy self does eventually follow through with a masters) I can that my fear of failure still exists, albeit in a different context, but I'm not longer afraid of being average. In fact I've learnt that I have to accept it. It didn't matter how much or little was paid for my education, my grades wouldn't have been better or worse as it is dependant on me and not a financial situation.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Exploring England


Roughly a week ago my mama and I travelled to The Cotswolds to visit Birdland Park and Gardens in Bourton-On-The-Water. The village itself is between Oxford, Gloucester and Cirencester, however we stayed in a hotel in Cheltenham and travelled to the village as we know Gloucestershire well from many years of holidays there during my teenage years. My mama has a slightly bizarre obsession with penguins, therefore for her birthday we wanted to do something she would enjoy and so Birdland was an obvious choice to combine two ideas; fun and animals.

Possibly the strangest thing about Birdland is that there is no glass like is in London Zoo; you can practically touch the Penguins, and indeed many of the other animals. For example, chickens just seem to roam free around the park. Its surroundings are incredibly rural, next to a river canal and even inside the park itself there are many wide growths and almost forest-like areas, allowing the birds to feel more at home in a natural habitat. We watched the Penguins being feed alongside a speech from one of the keepers. He explained and answered questions about how the Penguins deal with such hot weather and also more in depth about the different kinds of Penguins they have.
It's fascinating to watch the animal being fed, as the most enjoyable part of the feeding process is the talks given to audience alongside the feeding. You can watch flamingos and Pelicans being fed, as well as the Penguins. However the largest crowd was at the penguin feeding. 'Meet a Keeper' is another interesting activity to do whilst you're there,many the fact that all of these activities are free is pretty incredible, especially considering the low cost of the ticket price to enter the park. During the meet a keeper session you can ask questions and even hold some animals, such as the tortoises; children seemed to love getting to be close to the animals.

We also made our way around the park, seeing flamingos, pelicans, some reptiles and many others. The park is more conversation than a zoo and is constantly breeding new animals, including baby Penguins. There are so many different birds, some in aviaries and some flying free. Aside from seeing animals, as a nature reserve it's also a beautiful place to sit and enjoy company and simply watch the world go by, which I did whilst eating ice cream from the café; it's nice to enjoy your surroundings without any hassle or masses of people around. Even in the middle of the summer holidays it was fairly stress-free and chilled out. Having now visited Birdland twice, (the first time in December) I can guarantee that it's definitely worth the trip and different every time. A great alternative day out :)

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Monthly Reflections


As the months begin to change from summer into autumn, I start to think that almost another year is gone and I still don't feel like anything much has been achieved. Looking back, this year on paper doesn't look like I've achieved much at all in comparison to last year. This time last year, I got promoted at work and graduated (albeit not with a grade that I was happy with) from university. This year I've achieved... Well, I'm in the same job and literally so poor that it hurts to look at my bank account, but then money isn't the most important thing in life.

I'm actually far more happy now than I thought I ever would be. I really disliked university with a passion, although I don't regret going, I wish I'd changed courses or universities, but what's done is done and I survived, which is actually an important point and one that I need to remember. I'm in a relationship with the most supportive person, who listens and never judges and I'm so grateful for that, because when you have mental health issues it's really important to be able to talk to someone about everything and let out any negative thoughts as well as any positive thoughts.

As I get older, I'm definitely more aware of the importance of having a good group of friends and also the importance of maintaining friendships. I always used to think that the more friends you had made you happier, but now I would rather settle for less friends that mean more to me. It's bizarre how much you learn as you grow. One of the most important things that I've learnt this year is that the journey to happiness is never easy; sometimes you have to feel like utter shit to realise what makes you happy. Keeping up relationships with friends and family is definitely key to having a more positive outlook towards life, and as the month draws nearer to a close I'm beginning to find happiness is more within my reach this month than it was last month. Small steps make a massive difference and I need to keep reminding myself that everyone in this world fights their own personal demons everyday; I am not alone.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Finding Tranquility


One the things that I truly love to do is go for a walk along the riverside. Part of me wishes that I lived by the sea, as there is something so calming about hearing the waves crashing along the seafront and feeling sand pressed underneath your feet. However, back to reality; I live within 5 minutes of a river, so it's the closest to the sea I will get whilst living in London!

I enjoy walking my puppy along the river, hearing the water crash and fall against the barriers and watch her tony self love life, running along and investigating anything she sees. I also like to walk alone sometimes as well, stumbling alone and reassessing my life. I always worry that I forget to think about myself, or take the time to simply evaluate what's going on in my life. I guess we all have a tendency to forgot about ourselves and concentrate on other people. I've realised that I'm constantly tired and so I need to make an effort to take some time out for myself, and spend more time with friends. Walking along the river puts me in an incredibly positive mood and makes me have more energy.

The definition of tranquility is the quality or state of being calm, and is synonymous with other word such as peaceful, restful and serenity. Walking around and seeing a mix of natural and man made sights is relaxing and definitely brings me to the tranquil state I crave. Sometimes I find that putting in headphones and listening to gentle music helps me to relax more and feel more at peace with myself, especially if I have a lot of decisions to make as decisions are never easy. Sorry for a slightly random post; I suppose what I was trying to say was always ensure you give some love to yourself in order to find some happiness as the journey to happiness is almost always a complicated one. Until next time :)

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Favourite Instagrammers - August

Hello again! As I said last month, I'm definitely addicted to Instagram; I love the simplicity of it, how you can express yourself visually and just explore it. It's a really easy way to connect with people that you don't know and also find topics that you're interested in. I'm always scrolling through Instagram without even thinking about it, but there are always some people who I look at more than others and these ladies have lovely feeds. Please note that all of these images belong to them and were found using a simple Google search. 



I actually found Lottie's Instagram after she liked one of my photos; I literally looked at her feed out of curiosity and followed her. As she's a similar skin tone to me I love her make-up posts as I know that the majority of the products will suit my skin tone. She also posts a lot of outfits and her photos are simply stunning, they're so detailed and rich in colour and focus.



After seeing a YouTube video by Meg, I noticed she had an Instagram account as well and followed her almost immediately. Her photos are always beautifully taken and look amazing, but also she often posts photos of her enjoying herself with friends alongside her more standard blogger beauty photos.



Laura is an incredibly inspiring woman and has a definite power about her posts, often encouraging other women to love themselves regardless of their size, age or intelligence level. I also really want to read the book she's written as she seems to have a level headed approach to every aspect of life.



Sophie's Instagram is definitely more related to my love of the arts, as she's an illustrator and poet. Her feed is full of her journals and how she fills them with thoughts, words and visual feelings. I like how she mixed words and poetry with visual imagery across the page, as well as how her style is so clear; always in pen and mostly black lines. 



After seeing one of her photos on the 'explore' page of Instagram, I scrolled through her feed and instantly liked it. Often posting beautifully arranged photos of food, her cat and herself, she also makes the most ordinary things seem extraordinary, such as having a milkshake. It's her enthusiasm for life that makes her enjoyable to follow.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

August Playlist!


1. I Don't Care - Fall Out Boy
2. Payphone - Maroon 5 (feat. Wiz Khalifa)
3. Locked Away - R. City (feat. Adam Levine)
4. Build God, Then We'll Talk - Panic! At The Disco
5. So What! - P!nk
6. Helena - My Chemical Romance
7. Almost Easy - Avenged Sevenfold
8. Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It) - Beyoncé 
9. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. - Noah And The Whale
10. Still Into You - Paramore

My music taste is as bizarre as it ever was, as you can no doubt see from the eclectic mix of 14 year old emo child nostalgia (thank you, MCR!) to sixth form queen bey loving indie kid... This month was all about reminiscing and listening to songs that hadn't listened to in a really long time, alongside revisiting bands that I thought wouldn't be to my taste anymore, but I've realised that I still love, such as Avenged Sevenfold. What music are you into this month? Let me know :)

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Favourite blogs! - August

Hi everyone, after enjoying writing a similar post to this back in June, I decided I would do an updated version. All of these (soon to be listed below) blogs are blogs that I've recently discovered but have literally been binge reading many of their posts to catch up, haha. Please note that all of the images have been taken from a simple google image search of their usernames so I'm not saying that they're my own, they're all owned by the blog owners listed below.

I actually started watching Katie on YouTube a while ago, but I haven't been reading her blog for very long. I like the way her blog is primarily beauty based, but also personal at the same time, for example she uploads product reviews alongside life updates, where she details where she is in her life and how she feels about everything in it. As she's a similar skin and hair tone to me, I like reading her products reviews as many of the products would work well on my complexion as well.

 Another new find, her blog is both personal and professional; she posts a lot about travelling, where she's been and where next she'd like to discover. Her travel posts are very organised and detailed, there are often two or three posts for each place she visits, almost with their own categories. Aside from her regular travel posts, she also posts about food and music that she loves and some more serious topics such as mental health.

I've actually read Ellie's blog for some time, since before she revamped it and made it look all pretty! Definitely more of an all round blogger, as she frequently posts about a mixture of topics including fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I enjoy her beauty posts the most, as she's very detailed and always shows the make-up she's bought on her face rather than simply her hand, which I find helpful.

Megan has a very well established blog and YouTube channel, and I originally began reading her blog after watching several of her YouTube videos. She writes mostly to do with fashion and beauty, as well as her travels and journeys with a bit of lifestyle mixed in. My preferred posts are her lifestyle chats, where she comes across as really down to earth and you feel like you're getting to know her.



I've been reading Paige's blog for absolutely ages, after following her on Instagram. From her posts you can definitely see her passion for fashion, and recently her blog has been completely revamped and looks so so good. She also posts craft and DIYs, for example how to make copper accessories for a bedroom and jewellery like Pom Pom earrings. I like her posts are varied but always great quality.

That's all the blog recommendations for this month, I'm thinking about making this a monthly feature... What do you think? See you soon, Rachel x 

Friday, 12 August 2016

My travel bucket list


Rome, Italy

I've always dreamt of visiting Italy, ever since studying the Romans at primary school, strange as that sounds. I'm in love with the architecture of Rome and the deep history, I really enjoy visiting museums and galleries, as well the opportunity to learn more about a place and Rome has such a rich history I know that I could do all of those things with ease. One obvious sight to see is the Colosseum, as well as others such as the Vatican, Trevi Fountain and the Sistine Chapel. I studied art at university and Rome has so many pieces of art I would literally be spoils for choice of what to see, and obviously the food and drink would be incredible, Italian ice cream anyone?

Tromsø, Norway

The reason I want to visit Norway is primarily to see the natural phenomenon that is the Northern Lights, but I'm also interested in the Polar Park, Lutheran Cathedral and the Cable Car which runs through a mountain range. There's also many museums and art galleries to see but ultimately the main pull of Tromsø its the breathtaking views you see throughout the city; it's rare to see such natural sights such as the sea, mountains and the night sky all at the same time and truly appreciate it.

Sydney, Australia

It's going to sound a bit strange, but in short; during primary school my best friend emigrated to Australia with her family. Like many childhood friendships, it fizzled out but we still have each other on Facebook and wish each other happy birthday every year. But ever since then, I've always had a wish to travel to Australia. From a tourist point of view, I really want to see Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, The Royal Botanic Garden, The Rocks and Taronga Zoo.

Budapest, Hungary

I've always wanted to explore more in Europe, particularly as I've always been interested in architecture. Budapest is home to some really spectacular pieces of architecture, especially in gothically styled churches. There are so many beautiful buildings to visit, such as Buda Castle, Chain Bridge, Hősök tere, Fisherman's Bastion, St. Stephen's Basillica and the Hungarian Parliament Building. It's one of the largest cities in Europe and a has some strange but interesting things to do, for example the Budapest Pinball Museum and I would be tempted to indulge in a buffet-style night time river cruise.

San Francisco, USA

The Golden Gate Bridge is probably the most well known architectural reason to visit San Francisco, but there are also many other highlights, includin Land's End, San Francisco Bay, the Palace of Fine Arts and Alcatraz Island. Aside from that, it's also a massively populated and busy city as the main commercial and financial centre of Northern California; therefore skyscrapers are everywhere and make for a beautiful viewing, particularly at sunset.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ever since reading 'The Fault in our Stars' by John Green I've always had a passion to see the city of Amsterdam (and yes, I am aware that it is a fictional book!) the main reason the being the huge artistic culture of the city. There are so many things to see, some sad and some really enjoyable. These include The Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, Oude Kerk, Heineken Experience and the Joods Historisch Museum. I have to admit I'm not fan of cycling though, but I'm sure walking would do just fine :)

Stockholm, Sweden

Sat next to the Baltic Sea, Stockholm is the capital but I mainly want to visit and see the areas that I've read about so much in the 'Millenium Trilogy' by Steig Larsson, strange as that may sound. I particularly want to see the medieval town of Gamla Stan, as well as other sights and attractions such as The Vasa Museum, Djurgården, Drottningholm Palace, Fotografiska, Nobel Museum, Livrustkammaren, Nordic Museum and Långholmen. Plus there are so many little hidden cafes and bookshops to explore.

Prague, Czech Republic

By far the ultimate destination for architectural beauty, Prague is made up of gothic churches and medieval buildings. Some of the main tourist attractions are the Charles Bridge, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Astronomical Clock, the Old Town Square, Museum of Decorative Arts and Prague Castle. Another reason to visit Prague is my childhood love of Ballet; Prague is famously home to the First International Ballet School and there are many performances to be seen at the National Theatre.

Barcelona, Spain

Atoni Gaudi's architectural creations are famous throughout the world and the Sagrada Família is definitely an excuse to visit Barcelona alone; however there are so many sights and attractions to see its almost impossible to decide where to go and what to see. There is the Gothic Quarter, Casa Milà, Park Güell, The Picasso Museum, MACBA Barcelona Contemporary Art Museum, Barcelona Cathedral and Santa Maria del Mar. Not forgetting the beaches and natural sights as well.

Geneva, Switzerland

I can't even fully explain why Geneva is on my wish list; but there are some really beautiful places to visit, such as the St. Pierre Cathedral, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, the Natural History Museum of Geneva, Jet d'Eau, Musée d'Art moderne et contemporain and a Grand Théâtre de Genève. It seems like the kind of place which would be perfect to wind down and generally relax in. 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Payday wishes!


Literally every month I find myself looking on Cath Kidston's website and I always find a whole new set of items to fall in love with... This month they've started to introduce their Autumn/Winter 2016 collection and there are already so many things that I want. Only trouble is, nothing in life is free and I want so many things!
One of the more affordable items that I'm listing after is a ticket holder, priced at £6 and covered with cute forest themed animals. I actually need a new oyster holder as I'm forever either losing my Oyster card or hunting around for it in my bag and having a brightly coloured one should solve that. I've also decided that I need some more organisation in my life so I'm thinking to buy a diary with the aim of being more organised, plus because the pattern on the cover is so pretty it'll look nice in my bag which is always a bonus. Another item I feel like I'm going to have to buy is a phone case for my iPhone 6s as I'm forever dropping it. I've had Cath Kidston cases on my phones since I had an iPhone 4 so I can always know that the case will be good quality and last a while, especially considering all the knocks and drops that it'll invitably have to endure from my clumsiness! On a related note, I'm also thinking to invest in a new power bar that I can use to charge my phone on the go; especially since my iPod broke the battery on my iPhone has got really bad (in fairness I do use it practically 24 hours a day) and this bar is very pretty so... Why not? 
I know both of these items are from the Autumn/Winter collection, but as it's still August and technically summer I'm sure I can justify both - a cosmetic bag and a water bottle, both are essentials for summer weather, as you can keep your make-up safe and reapply it when you need to, and water is always important, whatever the season. I've also fallen in love with two other items and they're completely unnessesary but love is love... The most beautifully patterned dress, which at £75 is super pricey but worth it as I have some other Cath Kidston dresses and the quality is always fantastic using thick cotton material and the print never fades. The final item is also completely unjustifiable but so so so amazing... Actually I've been lusting after this style of handbag from Cath Kidston for a couple of years over several seasons. The price tag is so high, but for a leather, detailed bag that will last for s long time I think it's worth it. This is the first one in tan leather, as opposed to reds and greens and that's what has really swayed me into the belief that it has to be mine, I absolutely love neutral coloured bags as I feel like I can wear them with any outfit and it's also practical as well as its the type of bag that will hold literally everything inside which I definitely need as I carry around so much crap everywhere.
So, as you can probably tell, I love the quirky, vintage style patterns and the usefulness of the majority of these items but I'm trying desperately not think about how much it would all cost to buy in one pay check haha; but there's nothing wrong with dreaming, right? If you click on the name of the item, for example 'dress', it'll link you directly to the Cath Kidston website featuring it. :)

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