Friday, 29 July 2016

Favourite instagrammers - July

Hello again, as a self-confessed Instagram addict, I thought it'd be nice to suggest some people to follow each month as I know when I read a blog I enjoy seeing who else they follow and I've often found that I then start reading their blogs too, so I guess you could apply the same principle here :) please note that all of the images below were taken from the usernames mentioned using a Google search.



I have been following Megan for what feels like ages, and I love how she keeps it so personal with pictures of family and friends as well as the things she loves such as her favourite bands (The Smiths, for example) or her growing tattoo collection. As I previously studied art and photography at university I also enjoy seeing her architecturally based photographs of Northern England, makes me think I should visit one day even if I am a proud Londoner! Haha.



I have no idea how I started following Paige, but I don't regret it. Not only does she have a blog (the url is the same as her username), she also posts a variety of different make up looks and DIYs alongside personal style posts. However I would say she's not an atypical fashion instagrammer, because her account has a lot of personal posts as well, such as photos with friends and recently some of her birthday.



Olivia is very much a style blogger/instagrammer (her blog url is the same username). Very much a hipster, vintage styled fashionista; her love of denim and stripes definitely shines through about 80% of her outfits, aha! She's definitely the epitome of London cool complete with sunglasses, Polaroid camera and a bicycle. Another reason that I really like her posts is she's based in a similar area of London to me and so I recognise some of the streets she photographs.



I really enjoy Emma's happy go lucky posts and appreciative views of nature mixed in with fashion and lifestyle; laden with food posts about cake or chocolate, baking is definitely one of her passions. She has a massive love for cats and her overall style is very classically feminine and cute with lots of skater dresses and this is in line with her photographic style; a little quirky and a little adventurous.



An obvious lover of vintage clothing, Ellie has the quirkiest personal style that I've ever seen, mixed in alongside travel post, art and disposable photography. Her posts are littered with collages and sketches of fashions that she's seen and liked, as well as some more random enjoyable moments with friends. She's probably best described as a chameleon as her make-up, hair and accessories are matched to every outfit. 

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