Sunday, 31 July 2016

A month in Instagram - July

As I've said before, I'm just a little bit addicted to Instagram... I studied Fine Art at university so I've always been more of a visual person anyway, but I like how you can just see something and not need to read a caption, or even include a caption in a post. July was actually a really good month for me, I saw my godson who doesn't live nearby (I cherish every minute that I spend with that little man), received a ridiculous amount of flowers from my boyfriend and went on several bus journeys at various times of the day.
I also realised that I hate using my iPhone for music so rediscovered an old iPod video, which has the best sound quality... Sometimes older is better, a little nostalgia never hurt anyone :) I spent my bus journeys listening to so many different genres and enjoying dabbling in old favourites like Muse, My Chemical Romance and Panic! at The Disco feeling 14 years old again. I like going for walks near where I live and took some photographs of the views in different lights and shared my favourites (there's secretly still an art student inside me, haha) and took a couple of selfies, one with makeup and one without. I'm learning to be ok with how I look and not wear so much makeup that it's a mask which has actually helped my skin a lot, it's a lot less blotchy than before.
I also shared some photos of friends, of my boyfriend and my Izabela, so is sadly leaving work but I'm sure we will keep in touch ❤️ it's strange how the people that you work with become so close to you, like family almost. So that was my July in a series of very random snapshots, but good memories all the same :)

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