Sunday, 12 June 2016

My favourite blogs!

Hi everyone, for the first time I'm actually attempting to keep up with blogging! I thought that a nice, easy to read post would make for a great distraction one Sunday afternoon, so here goes. All of these (soon to be listed below) blogs are blogs that I have been reading for at least 3 years and also made me want to use my creativity more than I do; please note that all of the images have been taken from a simple google image search of their usernames so I'm not saying that they're my own, they're all owned by the blog owners listed below.


I absolutely adore Carrie from wishwishwish; her style is effortlessly chic and I also like the way she mixes fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel posts whilst using the same whimsical style across all of the photographs in each post. It's enjoyable for me to read each post and also feel the enthusiasm she has for blogging and sharing her life with her readers. Her pastel, feminine style is very cute and suits her so well, plus she posts very regularly so there's always a new post to read, which is a bonus.


Lucy from shinythoughts is in my opinion very eclectic, almost the epitome of London 'cool girl' style and I think her blog corresponds to that as well. Her blog is always full of different topics and posts and definitely has a love for brightly coloured stationary and accessories... She definitely brings her interests into her blog and personalises what she does, for example on her 'hello' page she doesn't just introduce herself, she also adds some facts to make the reader feel like they really know her.


Paige has a blog which I really love as she's so creative it's pretty inspiring to see how she's kept up with her creativity and slightly eclectic fashion sense since her graduation. Her blog features a variety of different topics, but the posts I look forward to the most are the craft and lifestyle based ones, such as fashion diy's or party ideas. She also offers much advice on current issues, for example physical and mental health.


When I first found Adora's blog, I was immediately addicted to her vintage and boho style... Even more so when I discovered she often finds her key fashion pieces at car boot sales! Her love of travel is also nice to see, and her image heavy posts are enjoyable as its a though you're there when she takes the pictures almost as the attention to detail is so good.


Stephanie is such a fantastic photographer, which when your main models are your fussy babies, that is no mean feat. Her posts are a range of photography, fashion, lifestyle and of course her 4 dogs. My favourite posts of hers are the ones focussed on her wedding, particularly the images of her and her husband enjoying their honeymoon in Florida. Plus cute animals are always a win.


Kristabel's blog is one of the first blogs I started regularly reading; I love how she isn't shy in sharing her blogging story or blogging tips with her readers. As a Londoner myself, I love that her blog is so focussed around discovering food outlets or little areas which even if you live in London all your life you may not know exists, it makes it have a really personal touch.


Olivia's blog is one of those that I've been read on and off for a long time.. If I'm honest I love everything about it, from the way it looks and the way she always looks so effortlessly stylish in all of her outfit posts. Plus her cooking posts and book reviews are definitely worth a read, the blog itself definitely reflects her classic style.


This blog is a little different from the others listed above; found by chance through Cath Kidston's Instagram page, I instantly fell in love with the light, whimsical photography of this little family and really enjoyed the experience of reading about the journeys of motherhood although I'm not a mother. There something very cute about watching a family grow and witnessing the average, every day moments that happen in life that are often taken for granted.

That's the end of my (very long!) list of favourite blogs of the moment, I'm sure I'll have to do another post like this as there's always an undiscovered gem out there. Sorry again for being so unreliable with posting. I shall see you guys very soon!!
Rach xx

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