Wednesday, 18 May 2016

New Beginnings! ● 2016


Hi everyone, its literally been over a year since my last post [THAT IS DISGRACEFUL!] so this post is like a 'new beginning', so to speak. Plus, it makes for a great title, haha. Looking back on my past posts, I've always been fairly on/off with blogging, but this time I feel like I'm going to but more effort in to post at least once a week...
Since my last post was all about seeing in the new year and what I planned for the year, it makes sense to update on the current state of the mess that is my life; I only achieved one of the goals, which was that I graduated with honours in Fine Art last year. However, since graduating I've realised just how much I really miss being creative, so I'm hoping that blogging will fill that void.
See you soon! :)
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