Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Oh Hello 2015!

Hi everyone!
Sorry for being terrible as usual and forgetting to update my blog; obviously since I last updated it the new year arrived and with that I didn't make resolutions as such, more a list of important aspects that will be affecting my life during this year as so this post to simply to remind myself of these things. I don't intend to beat myself up if I don't stick to all of them, or if I struggle with them. Sometimes its important to recognise the challenges.

Graduate - 2015 is the year I'm going to graduate from University! After four years, its both a relief and a worry about what I'll be doing afterward; as my attempts haven't ben fantastic recently, but I keep reminding myself that I still have time and need to finish my degree first, so with that, fingers crossed the end that is in sight will soon be a reality!

Blog - Put more of an effort into blogging, as when I make the effort to write and post I genuinely really enjoy it, so it seems silly not indulge in this enjoyment more often, and I would also like to meet other bloggers and generally artistic people as that would probably increase my passion for it and coax me into doing it some more.!

Friends - I'd also ideally like to see far more of closest friends which has become increasingly difficult as we get older due to stupid things like jobs and some even moved out of London so opportunities are few and far between. However I feel like I need to try a bit harder to see them more regardless as I do enjoy seeing them when I see them.

Holidays/Time Off - I rarely on on a holiday and rarely have time off, so I intend this year to be the year that I go away somewhere nice, even if its in the UK, just somewhere that isn't camping and allows me to relax as I think there is a lot to said about relaxation and refreshing energy and its something that I don't indulge in enough.

Health - Whilst keeping an eye on my mental health and limiting my anxiety levels to a minimum, I also plan to be better to my body, as working for McDonald's for 3 years has definitely had a negative impact on my physical health, I want to be more careful about what I eat and cut down on the fizzy drinks which can only be a good thing as I feel very sluggish a lot of the time.

Work - I want to start off the year by successfully passing the Manager's exam, as well as try and take baby steps into finding a career for myself, as I think that after university that will be the most important thing to start hunting down after graduation; realising what I want to get from my studies and hopefully using my studies further. Possibly re-applying to teacher training too!

See you soon,
Rach xxx
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