Monday, 1 September 2014

Jo and Liam get hitched! ● Part Two

Hiya everyone, and welcome to Part Two of the Jo and Liam get Hitched! Realistically, these posts are more like one BIG post, but in all honesty I don't think all of the photographs could have made it into one post without being too much. This wedding had so many little cute details, like the rainbow tissue paper in string covered baked bean cans, rainbow bunting and balloons, coke and lemonade bottles… The bride had rainbow themed nails too!

My present to the bride was a Pandora bracelet with a variety of charms including a cute bride&groom charm which is shown in one of the photographs. Each of the bridesmaids got an unexpected present, a little necklace in the shade of their rainbow colour; was a lovely touch and not something I even thought of as it was an honour to chosen at all! Most of the photographs on this second post are from the reception, of the bride&grooms family and friends, and many group photographs of the bridesmaids… I have to say I wasn't impressed at the thought of rainbow bridesmaids but actually in reality it didn't look bad at all, plus the dresses were a really flattering shape.

Overall it was an amazing day and a pleasure to have been a bridesmaid and witness their love. It was definitely a day to remember and one that I will hold dear to me for a long time - even if the bride did brake one of my decorations by mistake! [don't worry, I forgave her and fixed it] haha, but at least it makes for a good story. So yes, if someone would like to get married soon that'd be great, as I now am obsessed with literally everything about weddings and I loved being a bridesmaid. Plus, there aren't many colours worse than orange I guess? :p

Until next time, Rach x x x


  1. Oh my gosh, I love their cake! That's so fun, it's amazing how elegant they made that top cake with the rainbow colours. And of course I love that you got her a Pandora bracelet! ;) Looks like it was a lovely day xx

  2. yes, they were super lucky as the best man is a cake maker! haha, the bracelet was a long time in the making as you can imagine but the Facebook pages were a godsend ;) it was! x


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