Thursday, 14 August 2014

Jo and Liam get hitched! ● Part One


Hi everyone! I'm doing my best to keep up with my blog - I don't think I'm doing too badly, seeing as yesterday I was a bridesmaid for two of my friends. Liam and Jo married on 13/08/2014 in Stratford, London and it was an incredible service and it was a struggle not to tear up, particularly when the bride started crying…

The theme was a rainbow one, hence the bridesmaids, initially I was pretty skeptical, but in reality with us all out in full force it looked pretty good, especially considering it was in orange. It was extra special as my lovely godson came with his parents all the way from Perth, Scotland to attend! I have to give thanks to the varieties of guests who used my camera to take the majority of these photographs. The bride&groom looked stunning as when together the atmosphere was electric, you could feel the love in the air.

The Bride had a huge wooden rose bouquet which she then inserted the lucky thistle that my godson gifted her, and each bridesmaid had a little mini wooden rose bouquet too, which we got to keep too, which was a bonus as they are adorable. I have to say I loved every minute, even when she wiped her lipstick off his lips and then wiped it on her dress, she was as classy as ever [ahem!] Having my little one there made it all even better, I miss him so much when he's in Scotland.

Each bridesmaid got a little gift during the brides speech [these two aren't very traditional haha] with a little gift bag as did the parents/families of the bride and groom, which was lovely but a surprise. Inside they both wrote a little piece in a card, and I'll never get rid of mine, its such a cute thing to do, as were the little love heart wedding favours. I thought that the vintage style food and table layouts worked really well too as the reception was held in the Church hall. The first dance was super emotional, just like the speech was, but the bouquet throwing was literally terrifying as the bouquet was so heavy as it was wooden... oops! Stay tuned for Part Two!

See you soon, Rach x x x
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