Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Something a little different ● Using a film camera!

Hi Everyone!

So, this is a little bit of a random post, but nevertheless it is a post at least! I recently found an old film reel from when I was doing an Art Foundation - it pretty much sums up that year for me, (2011-2012) getting the district line regularly to and from university, Pippa on the tube, my house and trinkets inside it, the street I grew up on, redecorating the living room, my eldest cat, South London streets, more underground, working at the London 2012 olympics… It's also obvious I have a love for photographing trees, haha.

Overall, it was a pretty good year and an eventful one, and finding the film was so good as I thought I'd lost it. What I love the most about film cameras is that you never know what you might find until you develop the film, it's like playing a game of chance. My camera is a canon 5000 SLR that I bought on eBay for roughly £20 including the lens, so it was an incredible bargain really as they stopped making them in the early 2000s. I remember my Uncle having a similar camera when I was growing up and desperate to have a similar one, and during Foundation my childhood dream came true.

I've always had an interest in Photography, which really began during my A-Level; my sixth form had a darkroom and I'm fairly practised at developing the films myself, which I did with this set around two months ago at university. In truth, I'd forgotten about most of the memories on it, but what I enjoy about developing the images myself is that they're a little rough around the edges which kind of matches the images too, bizarrely. I always find that the colour on film is more saturated and richer, and the shadows more prominent. What I love most of all about film is how long and concentrated I am on capturing the perfect moment, whereas using digital SLRs I literally take thousands of photographs without thinking. It makes me more creative using film as there is no delete button, no second chances.

Every so often I delve back into film photography and relish the creativity of it which I feel I lack when using digital, and so when I'm at university I generally use film photography more for that reason, as I'm studying Fine Art. However, for this blog on the whole it will be digital, but I simply fancied experimenting with something completely different for this weeks blogpost, and also showing my more creative side. If you liked (or disliked!) this post, let me know with a few comments.!

See you soon, Rach x x x


  1. Gorgeous, I love the vintage effect on these. I've never really thought about photography before I started my blog, but I am starting to experiment with it a little bit! Particularly love the tube shots and the pretty blossoms. x

  2. Aw thanks Ellie! :) in truth, I've rarely seen any bloggers use film photography so I thought it'd be a little different; it's weird how much photography and imagery is a part of blogging isn't it? X


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