Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Jo's Hen Sleepover Weekend!

This blogpost is a little different, I suddenly realised the other day how terrible I am at managing to post when I'm at work or university and so I'm trying to force myself to find time whenever I can! Last weekend, I attended a Hen Party Sleepover as my friend Jo's house in Farnham, Surrey along with 3 other bridesmaids (2 weren't able to make it) and had an amazing weekend off work as well as a banging headache for a few days! ;)

Therefore, how better to begin a weekend in the country than with a garden picnic?!

As the photographs demonstrate, we had strawberries/raspberries and cream, fruitshoots, coca-cola, fanta… As well as muller corners and doughnuts and chocolate… Perfect for a weekend off the diet! They have SUCH A LARGE GARDEN! Messy, but beautiful, it even had a steam, which for me as a Londoner is just unbelievable, ugh I'm jealous, except the lovely couple are moving to London very very VERY SOON! I adore the photo of the Bride-To-Be and teenage Sister-In-Law, it just is so so so so cute and really emphasises the feel of the whole weekend. Fleur is an adorable girl and really beautiful, Jo has found herself a good family there ha!

…Finally the other two maids arrived after getting stuck someone on the motorway, so we all had a bit of a selfie moment, as you can see, the weather is simply crazily hot at the moment, and the attic room didn't do much for the heat… In fact I think it was even hotter inside than out, but hey. Various games were played and sensible me decided to wear a white lace dress and sparkly silver heels to get in the mood to watch Frozen although I eventually missed it by falling asleep after having a few! Fleur and I wanted some chips and they were lovely but considering they were supposed to be a large portion, not enough and more like a small/child's portion from where I come from - rant over!

As the theme of the wedding itself is Rainbows, the rainbow balloons was a fabulous idea too, Rebekah should definitely become a Party Planner, never mind a vet! Overall the weekend was successful and it was great to meet the only maid I didn't know from years ago and spend some time with my favourite blushing Bride-To-Be; now I'm really geared up for the wedding as I can't make the next Hen as I'm working (boo hoo hooooooo) and fingers crossed I'll document the wedding on my blog too! Hope you enjoyed this post and stay tuned, Rach x x x

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