Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Outfit of the Week! ~ 1960s wannabe!

Hey sweeties! This is this weeks outfit of the week, apologies again for the bad picture quality as I didn't use my DSLR like I had planned, which was silly of me. However I'm super proud of the look overall, especially the hair as it's the first time that I've ever done a hairstyle like that! I used a small donut from Primark and pushed my hair along over it before securing it with 4 kirby grips at the back of my head just behind it. Voilà!   The lighting was pretty bad on the day though, it was really overcast which didn't help the overall photos either, boo.

I wanted to create a 1960's style outfit, but it was created on a budget, it cost £38 altogether and yet I felt pretty sophisticated and glamourous, mostly due to the hairstyle, hah! The make-up was pale skin and lips with a large, sweeping flicked liquid eyeliner and perfectly groomed brows. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress, the appliquéd lace bodice is simply beautiful, and the blush colour really works against any skin tone. My legs aren't my favourite feature, so it's a little short for my liking, but I can put up with that for the nice cut and flow of the organza skirt.

The shoes were a complete bargain from Primark, and a whim purchase but I'm really excited that I found them, as they go with almost every outfit being that lovely warm tan colour. Tan shoes and bags are a big weakness of mine, as you'll see as the year goes on and I blog more and more regularly. Let me know what you think of this week's outfit! Rach x x x

[Shoes - Primark; Cardigan - H&M; Dress - ASOS; Tights - Primark; Bracelets - Pandora; Rings - Pandora, Greenwich Market, The Jewellery Channel, eBay, family; Kirby Grips and Hair Donut - Primark]
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