Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 - A month of Instagram photos!

So this has been my January 2014 through instagram - I've just started a new account for blogging etc. [@artaccessoriesattireblog] and this is first result… Its not gone too badly I don't think, as you can probably see its been so cold, literally all of my outfits have been completely covered up with thick coats and scarves, definitely my winter staples. 

Quite a lot of random images too, my iPod mini, getting on the Jubilee line and couple of backside images taken whilst walking to the Tate Modern from London Bridge, plus a cheeky McDonald's breakfast aha! Plus my rings, new Pandora Fleur Watch, my Nikon DSLR, my two Pandora bracelets, a Nando's takeaways for my nana's birthday and several shameless selflies, including one at work.

Hopefully my blog is getting a little better… I hope so, I'm trying to keep posting regularly and I've got a few ideas for my next blogpost or two, its just a shame that the weather is being so rubbish right now, the lighting is awful for photography! But give me a follow, I'm happy to hear any tips or advice! Rach x x x x

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