Friday, 31 January 2014

January 2014 - A month of Instagram photos!

So this has been my January 2014 through instagram - I've just started a new account for blogging etc. [@artaccessoriesattireblog] and this is first result… Its not gone too badly I don't think, as you can probably see its been so cold, literally all of my outfits have been completely covered up with thick coats and scarves, definitely my winter staples. 

Quite a lot of random images too, my iPod mini, getting on the Jubilee line and couple of backside images taken whilst walking to the Tate Modern from London Bridge, plus a cheeky McDonald's breakfast aha! Plus my rings, new Pandora Fleur Watch, my Nikon DSLR, my two Pandora bracelets, a Nando's takeaways for my nana's birthday and several shameless selflies, including one at work.

Hopefully my blog is getting a little better… I hope so, I'm trying to keep posting regularly and I've got a few ideas for my next blogpost or two, its just a shame that the weather is being so rubbish right now, the lighting is awful for photography! But give me a follow, I'm happy to hear any tips or advice! Rach x x x x

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Outfit of the Week

Hi - sorry for the terrible quality of these photos; should've used my Nikon D3100 but as I was at university today I didn't want to make my bag any heavier… However my lesson is well and truly learned, as compact cameras are not great, AT ALL. Regardless, it seemed silly to waste these photos, so here they are. Is it me or was it absolutely freezing today?! I was way too brave standing outside in the cold without a coat or scarf in this weather!

One thing I have far to many of in my wardrobe is lace dresses, I definitely have far too big of a collection; I literally can't get enough of them. They're effortlessly stylish on any shape, as are cardigans. Whenever I wear white or cream I always have a red lip as I'm so pale that I can look really washed out if I'm not careful. I'm loving dresses right now, although in this cold it's a bit of a pain, I'm thinking that I should probably invest in some cable knit tights, so a shopping trip is definitely on its way once payday arrives.

I really don't like my hair or eye make-up in these photos - too much eyeliner, and my hair is in that horrible growing out a drastic haircut phase, I seriously want my fringe to disappear out of my life and my hair 'Rapunzel' hair [as my mum used to call it] back. I dyed it blonder when I cut it as it lost all of its life and warmth, and I'm now regretting that too, yay. Hopefully it'll be better once summer comes, or so I hope as I'm going to be a bridesmaid at a friends wedding.

Sorry for not posting too much, I've been so busy with work and university, but I promise I've got a few posts lined up for the next couple of weeks which is exciting, so stay tuned! Rach x x x

[Cardigan - Primark; Lace Dress - River Island/ASOS Sale; Watch - Pandora; Rings - Pandora, Greenwich Market, Argos; Shoes [not pictured] - Office Chelsea Boots in black; Tights - Primark; Bracelet - Pandora]

Monday, 13 January 2014

January Sales Haul

Hello again everyone! Apologies for ALREADY breaking some of my New Years Resolutions… However is it just me or does New Year seem like it has really flown past? I can't believe that it's almost the middle of January, craziness! The above photos were taken in bad light so I used flash; sorry for the bad lighting, I guess this whole blogging lark comes with practice!

Above are the range of purchases that I have made during the sales [so far!] as you can probably tell, I bought a range of things and I'm looking forward to hunting down more bargains as the month continues. At the moment I'm really into accessories and classic clothing. I have a tendency to stick to greys, navys, browns and blacks during the winter and so I wanted to break that up a little with a vibrant yet winter ready scarf that would fully protect my poor, battered throat that is truly suffering at the moment, boo.

Whenever I head around Westfield Stratford City I cannot resist spending money… There's SO many shops that I love and in the January sales it's practically irresistible, which is always a deadly combination. That said, I do love a bargain so this is the perfect time to go shopping, even though it makes me completely skint, oops. I was in desperate need of a new purse and I love Cath Kidston so this one was a match made in heaven, along with Accessorize and Paperchase. I have a feeling more hauls will be showcased this month, but as I'm technically saving money I refuse to feel guilty!

What bargains have you all found this month? Rach x x x

[Scarf - Accessorize £20 Purse - Cath Kidston Sale £20 Notebook - Paperchase £3 Stickers - Paperchase 50p each Postcards -Paperchase 60p each]

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