Friday, 8 November 2013


Hiya -

I'm Rachel, a 20 year old Fine Art student in London. Its currently freezing and raining outside, but as to be expected for November, haha. The blog name 'artaccessoriesattire' is hopefully a clue as to what I intend to blog about in the future, having always been inspired by so many blogs but never really making one myself. However, on that note, feel free to check out my degree-based tumblr and please give it a follow! [begging over!]
I'm planning to blog about beauty products, clothing, accessories [jewellery, bags etc.] and all sorts of girly things; strange as I'm not usually overly feminine, although I have been told that my style is fairly feminine, as I prefer dresses, but never without tights, due to milk bottle legs! At university I'm specialising in textiles and printmaking and I suppose that shows in my tastes as much as I've never really thought about it in that sense. I'm mad on etching and knitting at the moment, but I do miss photography and drawing a crazy amount, I'm trying to still incorporate those into my current practices.
It's a struggle having a job and university and I'm a stressball near constantly, and I'll probably make all of that worse with these blogs but at least i'll enjoy myself, right?!

Hope you follow!
Rach x x x

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