Friday, 8 November 2013

I'd like to start this blogpost by linking to ONE of my favourite blogs, charmsaddict! What I love about it is that that it has a reliable and perfect theme; for my twentieth birthday I received a Pandora charm bracelet, and became addicted straightaway! The charm below was the first ever Pandora charm I ever had or bought; at £30 it was a bargain for sterling silver and it's such a classic, feminine and generally beautiful charm, no regrets whatsoever from me!

Inspired by charmsaddict, I've kept pretty up to date with whatever is going on with charm bracelets. Personally, I prefer Pandora, although that may change as my addiction continues! Right now, I'm intrigued by the 'Pandora Essence Collection'; as it is smaller and lighter, as well as using values rather than ideas of memorable moments. Plus the beads are made using semi-precious stones and so no two beads are identical, which adds a uniqueness - shame that Christmas is coming and so therefore I have no money [sighs].
So far, the beads that I particularly like are Freedom, Love and Positivity - but then again, no money; maybe once Christmas has gone and sales etc. come in [excitement!!!] What I also like about the collection is that the charms stay put without clips like the traditional pandora, which is a plus as it means no extra expenses - I wish they would make a similar set of charms for the original line though, but that would be tooooo tempting.


As you can probably see - I love jewellery a little too much! However I justify it by that fact that although it costs more as its silver/two tone/gold, it will last a long time and Pandora clean it for free [if you can part with your jewellery for that long, ha]. The other thing is that it all means something, and no two bracelets are identical, its a personal thing. Below are my bracelets [as they were, they're all too big other than the leather, am selling and saving for new, smaller ones as we speak!]

Of the three bracelets, the one I would recommend the most for everyday wear and my preferred favourite is the bangle; as it doesn't look like a traditional charm bracelet and can be worn with or without charms and goes with everything. The leather one is very pretty and comes in a variety of colours, and either single, double or triple. The top bracelet is the original Pandora charm bracelet, and needs two clips to secure the links completely; it is also the heaviest of the three bracelets and the one most likely to last the longest - at the end of the day its all down to preference. If you want to buy one, I recommend Beadazzle; as they offer free first class recorded UK delivery and it arrives amazingly fast - I've never had a problem with them!

Let me know what you thought of this post, it'll help me to improve my writing skills etc. for university amongst other things; I hope you enjoyed reading this rather long post! See ya soon, Rach x x x

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