Saturday, 9 November 2013

AW13 Bag lust!

1- Longchamp le Pliage [buy here]
2- Cath kidston Biker [buy here]
3- Cambridge Satchel Company [buy here]
4- Accessorize Fox Rucksack [buy here]

I decided to talk bags; out of the four bags shown above, I currently own three of the four [I don't own the Cambridge Satchel… Yet!] and therefore can recommend all.

The Longchamp bag is a classic shape and style and is timeless; an investment piece that will go with any outfit or occasion. Its one of those bags which holds literally everything as well. I suggest one of the autumnal colours such as taupe, chocolate, navy or black as all of those are interchangeable with any colour and outfit. I have the navy, however I want another in chocolate [lust haha] and it is just so French and effortlessly chic. It has a way of dressing up a rainy/bad day especially as its waterproof!

The Cath Kidston biker bag is a vintage pattern based, fun and flirty burst of colour for AW13. The image is actually of the SS13, the AW13 one is a burgundy with grey and black florals; much more fitting but identical in shape. What I love about CK is that all of the shapes and styles are classic and so typical CK whilst remaining fresh and new each season. The bag is literally packed with pockets, although it has a velco opening as opposed to a full zip. Its particularly fab for school/college/university, which is what I use it for, a huge plus is the waterproof matte oilcloth, nothing gets wet!

The Cambridge Satchel is again a statement yet classic piece; originally for school, its now almost too cool for school, ha. What the main appeal of the bag is that it is designed to hold literally everything, as a schoolbag should; again the browns and autumnal colours seem to appeal the most to me, perhaps because of the bright harshness of the colours such as fuchsia. Also, as the satchels are more expensive the quality is better and is going to last far longer than any of the other cheap and cheerful satchels I have bought from the high street.

The Accessorize Fox Rucksack is a beautiful design and for that alone, I love it. It is so clearly a fox, it is also barely noticeable in the perfect craftsmanship and overall swift lines of the features. It holds more than it looks, although it is not as safe as I'd like as there is no inside pocket expect one; as its a backpack its difficult to keep an eye on your purse and phone, etc. Therefore I use it for sketchbooks and pencilcases for university, rather than my everyday bag.

Basically, I need a bag for every occasion, as many women probably do! I guess its a case of choosing what you need for what situation, and how to use it safely and securely. My favourites of the four are the Longchamp and the Cath Kidston, for that reason alone. I hope you enjoyed reading this, see ya soon, Rach x x x

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