Sunday, 10 November 2013

21 things to do before you're 21!

As I'm turning 21 in April, a bucket list of 21 things to do before you're 21 seemed appropriate; after all, 21 is the year that you're officially an adult worldwide - which is a little scary! [DISCLAIMER: Words are my own, the images are from various sites found on Google image search.]

1- Have a consistent hobby. Whether it is sewing, knitting, reading, ballet or karate [etc.] Over the years I've done a range of things; played the flute, photography, ballet, cheerleading.. You name it, I've at least tried it. If I didn't like it, there was always something else to do. The point is, if you don't try at least one thing, you won't ever know if its your passion [or not!]

2- Go to a music festival; have fun, laugh and meet people that you'll never see again. It's almost enjoyable knowing you look a state, completely at ease and enjoying every minute, even if it means roughing it. There are so many festivals, you're spoilt for choice, and eventually you find one that really works for you. Plus, if you go in a big group its like having a long weekend away with mates, which is always a bonus.

3- Get a job. Even if it's lowly paid, hard work and really stressful, you'll learn skills and earn your own money. Giving you a feel for independence, the chance to do everything for yourself and learn the value of money at the same time. Especially if you go to university, as if you've never had a part-time job, how can you expect to obtain a full-time job with no on the job skills? So many life lessons to be learned through having an awful job.

4- Embrace being a geek! Whether that means being good at maths or another academically based subject, or a bookworm [etc]. I was always obsessed with the Harry Potter series, so much so that the films irritate me with their inconsistencies in comparison with the novels. It also brings back a little nostalgia, remembering school and how much you hated or loved it.

5- Buy a lottery ticket. Even if its only once, you'll remember the first time you bought a ticket, whether you won or lost, particularly as its acceptable gambling, as it not too easy to get addicted to. As it's such a huge, unrealistic goal it's fun imagine and dream about what you could buy with 'your money' whilst knowing that it'll likely never happen!

6- Travel, even its if just out of the place you grew up; for example I went to the Isle of Wight, to Farnham in Surrey from London. The experience of travelling alone or at least without your parents is something that stays with you for a long time; the enjoyment of knowing you have achieved full independence. Obviously, some people go abroad, go with a huge group of people but you need money and probably a lot of willpower to save for that long!

7- Become a Vegetarian or Vegan, even if it's not for very long. Its a great way to start a health kick, to detox the body and generally feel happy and healthy. It changes the way you think about food. It makes you try different foods and tests your willpower, as it takes more effort than you think it does, especially if you've been a meat eater for a long time.

8- Keep a diary. Don't necessarily write everyday, even if its once a week or month, you can read it later and remember what happened and maybe even laugh about the silly things you said and did. For what seems like the world is going to end right now, in a year or so's time will seem hilarious. It also means you'll never forgot the random, immemorable moments of that year that probably aren't even that important.

9- Experiment with your hair. Dye it, cut it, get a fringe, grow out a fringe. Even if you end up hating it, you can say that you did it, and hair always grows back, so it doesn't have to a permanent change. It could even be just a crazy, outlandish hairdo if you're not brave enough for any of the other ideas. You can look back on photographs and either laugh or cringe.

10- Make a bucket list. Write down all of your dreams and aspirations and watch as they grow or shorten as you cross them off as they slowly become more and more achievable. You'll be surprised how many of the everyday ideas take longer than some of the wackier ideas. There's always a 'Get Married' on any females list as well. Amuse yourself and your friends by coming up with ideas together, I bet they'll be more similar than you think!

11- Create a savings account. As boring as it is, it's a good way to learn the value of money. Whether it's for new clothes, or a holiday, its good practice for when you get older and need to save for things like house deposits and that kind of thing. Also, as the amount grows it'll give you something to fall back on when that month comes when you suddenly don't have masses of cash.

12- Buy alcohol. Just because you can. If you get asked for ID, feel flattered, as if you look young now, you'll feel great about that when you still look young when you're older, which is always going to be a bonus. Just make sure you're responsible. But don't forget to enjoy yourself. This is a huge part of the process of growing up.

13- Look back on your teenage years; how you lived, laughed and loved. How many things went wrong and how so many went right. Leaving school and college, starting university or an apprenticeship or getting a job. All milestones in their own right. Remembering bad hair days, bad days in general, such random silly forgettable things that shape who you are.

14- Be a Volunteer; whether it's for experience, or to give something back; perhaps a bit of both? It'll give you skills and confidence that you never even imagined. Meeting new friends and becoming a 'you' that you never even realised existed. All very exciting! Plus, it's almost a sense of looming adulthood; again.

15- Have a movie marathon; whether it's a Harry Potter marathon, or a Lord of the Rings one, even a disney one; it's one of those things that everyone should experience, eating lots, drinking lots and just spending time with friends at sleepovers [or like such things] and enjoying whatever is on the screen… See how long you can last!

16- Wear a ridiculous outfit, whenever and wherever just because you can. Revel in being different and your own person for a change. [Or someone you're not and just want to experiment; that's part of the fun] It's good to experiment and play with your image - you never know what may suit you or become of it, and to just generally dress up and laugh and yourself and others for a day [or more!]

17- Do something nice and unexpected for a friend. It could be as simple as treating them to Starbucks or Nando's, or something bigger like organising a holiday. The main idea is to just be selfless; to want to do it simply for company, and not for your own gain other than the company. Everyone has had that friend in need of a massive cheer up, so be the good friend and do the cheering up. They'll appreciate it just as much as you will in your own time of need.

18- Refresh your list of goals. This is a therapeutic process, changing and expanding your future goals as you as a person have developed also. It sounds simple, but its actually difficult to let go or change something that has been your dream for so long, but at the same time it's important to move on and focus on the present - which means focussing on you and what can improve the future you.

19- Dare to bare. Not in the sense of going naked constantly, more in that don't be ashamed or worried to take a risk in what you wear, whatever your size or shape. Learn to love your own shape. It's more about the confidence with which you wear it then what you wear, and that's what is important. Not being slim or curvy.

20- Find yourself. Be who you want to be, however successful you want to be. It's about working for what you want; you don't just get what you want, as nice as that would be. Part of growing older is realising that you have to work hard to play hard.

21- Buy that one thing you've always wanted. This one is self explanatory. :)


  1. I am your newest follower - this post is so cute :) I went with the mulberry for my 18th :)

  2. ahh wow thanks! :) glad you enjoyed it, it was a bit of a random post haha - i wasn't even sure if it would be seen even! happy new year! x


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